About us

Our business is about helping to improve the management of ionising radiation exposure risks for patients and staff.

That is our mission.

Our day-to-day work

We design and manufacture complete high-tech solutions to facilitate and improve the management of the risks associated with radiation. Day after day, we strive to be a trusted partner, providing our customers with technical advice and developing optimal solutions. To achieve this, we harness the full range of our expertise.


Nuclear, Medical, Detection, Measurements, Dosimetry


Photonics, Optics, Embedded electronics, Connected objects

Information Technology

Database, software, GUI, AI, Big data, Smart data

Our R&D team

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA.
We make a point of forging and maintaining partnerships with research laboratories.
In particular, Fibermetrix is a close partner of INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) Unit UA8, which conducts research in the field of "Radiation: defense, health, environment", led by Dr Nicolas Foray in Lyon. Given the public health implications, Fibermetrix and UA8 are pooling their respective expertise concerning physical doses and biological doses to enable better assessment of radiation-induced risks in patients and workers exposed to ionizing radiation in the context of concrete exposure situations (see opposite for more information).
To test and improve our solutions, we put in place numerous partnerships with private companies, clinical centres and hospitals. Are you interested in becoming one of our partners? Get in contact!

Gaining a better understanding of the biological effects of low doses
An ongoing study aims to map the biological effects associated with different types of imaging procedures (mammograph, CT scan, interventional radiology) and the associated doses. This research will help us gain a clearer understanding of the effects of the low radiation doses encountered in medical radiodiagnostic procedures and to define clinical recommendations depending on the medical objective in question, the type of patient concerned (radiosensitivity/radiosusceptibility) and the examination methods used.

Serez-vous le prochain talent Fibermetrix ?

Stage d'ingénierie

Sujet : Évaluation d'une nouvelle technologie de détecteurs // Intégré au sein d'une équipe de R&D, prendrez en charge l'évaluation d'une nouvelle technologie de photodétecteurs pour nos futures solutions de dosimétrie et testerez les apports de sa mise en œuvre dans un système dédié d'imagerie.

Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez télécharger notre offre d'emploi : Fiche poste-stage-ingenierie

Strasbourg Stage


Développeur Software

Au sein d'une équipe de R&D, vous interviendrez dans le cadre de projets de développement à cycle court. Vous serez en charge du développement d'applicatifs de bureau (C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP). Connaissances en DV d'applications web, BDD, smartphone et tablettes.

Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez télécharger notre offre d'emploi : Fiche poste développeur

Strasbourg CDI

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