About us

Improve the management of ionizing radiation exposure risks for patients and staff is our mission.

Our mission

Created in 2014, Fibermetrix design and manufacture complete high-tech solutions to facilitate and improve the radiation risks management such as in medical imaging and radiotherapy. We combine our expertises to offer autonomous, integrated, smart and connected solutions to enable the health professionals to focus on THEIR expertise : the care of the patients.

Fibermetrix is an ALARA GROUP company along with Alara Expertise, Spin Up and Neolys. We are experts in risk management for ionizing and non-ionizing radiations.

Our motivation

- Offer cutting-edge technology dosimetry solutions in complex environments
- Provide timely, relevant and reliable dosimetric information
- Increase patient and worker safety concerning ionizing radiations
- Be integrated into the daily clinical routine of medical and paramedical staff
- Support the team to comply with their regulatory obligations while optimizing their time

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with strong experience and knowledge of clinical issues to support health professionals.

Mélodie MUNIER

CEO, R&D Director

PhD in radiation physics, detectors and imaging, Melodie is also specialized in industrial transfer and intellectual property. She supervises the company’s R&D.


Sales Manager

With more than 10 years in contact with medical imaging departments, Anh-Thu oversees business development and product demonstrations.

Mamoutou BALDE

R&D Engineer & Product Specialist

Specialized in radiation physics and dosimetry. Mamoutou is in charge of IVIscan installations and users' training.


Software Engineer

Specialized in data processing and real-time systems. Nicolas supervises software developments.

Christian POPOTTE

PhD student, Medical Physicist

Christian is working on the development of new dosimetry solutions in radiotherapy.


Software Engineer

Specialized in Models, Technological Innovations and Imaging. Anthony works at software and HMI development.

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