Our technology


Our technology, based on scintillating fibers, is multi-patented and concerns numerous applications.

Simplifying and improving ionizing radiation risk management is the priority for our R&D team.

We design innovative detectors
using a scintillating optical fiber

Amazing technology!

Time resolution

The measurements can be sampled up to an effective time of 1 µs


Low dose rates can be measured for a sensitive volume of a few mm³

Angle independence

Measurements are isotropic

Adaptable geometry

The probe can be designed on the basis of the specific objective

Tissue equivalent density

The fiber density enables real dose measurements

4 examples
of use

Monitor the exposure of your staff or patients in pulsed beam

Measure your patients’ doses during imaging procedures without artefacts

Provide very thin detectors to measure in places where standard technologies cannot

Simply control the quality of your radiation devices

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