Our technology


Thanks to our multi-patented technology based on scintillating fibers, we develop and manufacture dosimetry solutions for numerous applications, including in complex environments.

We design innovative detector
using a scintillating optical fiber

The scintillating optical fibers used by Fibermetrix are not affected by magnetic fields, do not distort the diagnosis in medical imaging and do not interfere with the treatment beam in radiotherapy making it an ideal detector for medical applications using ionizing radiations.

How will our
disruptive technology surprise you ?

Real-time dosimetry

Temporal resolution up to 1ms
Instant and accurate information

Geometric flexibility

From a few mm to several meters long
Compact : Ideal for small fields
Compatible with several applications (wide collimation in CT, CBCT)

Plastic scintillating technology

Water equivalence
No interference with the treatment and/or diagnostic beam
MRI compatibility

No angular dependency

No correction needed for radiotherapy measurements
Automatic correction factor for radiodiagnostic measurements

No energy dependency

No correction required for radiotherapy measurements
Automatic correction for radiodiagnostic measurements

Dose rate linearity

Stability of response for a wide measured dose rate
Can be used in various imaging and radiotherapy modalities

Radiation resistance

High durability
No regular calibration needed

4 examples of use

Monitor the exposure of your staff or patients in pulsed beam

Measure your patients’ doses during imaging procedures without artefacts

Provide very thin detectors to measure in places where standard technologies cannot

Simply control the quality of your radiation devices

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