Research & Development

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA.

Research & Development

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA.

Our R&D unit

One of the priorities of our R&D team is to provide precise, reliable and relevant dosimetric information. Our goal: meet the expectations of medical and paramedical teams in their clinical routine, as well as those of scientific partners.
To achieve this, our team of experts is always ready to listen to our customers’ needs, and includes them in our discussions on product and service improvements.

Our know-how


Medical Physics

Scintillating optical fiber

Connected devices


Smart data

Our R&D unit focuses on

Our clinical partners

To test and improve our systems, we collaborate closely with clinical centers, hospitals and private companies.

Our academic partners

For many years now we have been working together with the research unit INSERM U 1296 “Radiations: defense, health, environment”. Fibermetrix and U1296 pool their respective expertise on physical and biological dose to allow a better assessment of radiation risk induced in patients and workers exposed to ionizing radiation in concrete exposure situations.

A study in progress with Neolys Diagnostics aims to map the biological effects and associated dose of image-guided radiotherapy treatments (CBCT). This work will enable us to better understand the effects of low doses of radiation encountered in medical radiodiagnostics, and to establish clinical recommendations according to the type of patient concerned (radiosensitivity / radio-susceptibility).

Our industrial partners

To develop our detectors, we make it a point of honour to work with French and local companies.

SEDI-ATI, Cintech,Weil Industries, ATTA02, Alfacem
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