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 Managing risks associated with ionizing radiation can be complex and time-consuming. Based on an optimal combination of innovative technology, big data analysis and nuclear physics expertise, our solutions are designed to be autonomous, integrated, connected and smart.

IVI range:
Declination of scintillating fiber technology

IVI technology based on scintillating fiber technology, combined with powerful, intelligent software solutions. It’s the only one capable of measuring radiation doses so precisely and in such a small space..

Discover the many advantages of our technology and its modular solutions according to your needs.

Combining cutting-edge technology with the intelligent IVIyou® interface, the IVIscan® solution is easy to use, and will become an integral part of teams' day-to-day work, both to comply with regulations and to enhance patient safety.
Based on our expertise in scintillating fiber dosimetry, we offer you IVIcbct™, a quick and easy solution for measuring CBCT imaging dose during your dosimetric quality checks.
Adapted to different imaging modalities, even the latest, IVInomad™ will enable you to perform dose measurements in both CT and interventional radiology.

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Designed in glittering material, our REACT™ ruler solution revolutionizes X-ray field size measurement essential for regulatory quality control and/or acceptance of your X-ray equipment.

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