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 Managing risks associated with ionizing radiation can be complex and time-consuming. Based on an optimal combination of innovative technology, big data analysis and nuclear physics expertise, our solutions are designed to be autonomous, integrated, connected and smart.

Mobile solution for all types of imaging measurements

Would you like to carry out a dosimetric study? Or a new installation?
IVInomad™ is the ideal solution!

Adapted to different imaging modalities, even the latest, IVInomad™ will enable you to perform dose measurements in both CT and interventional radiology.

The dosimeter is available with a wide range of size of detectors. Thus you can easily choose the most adapted detector, obtain up to instantaneous 2 measurements and visualize in real-time the dose profile.

Scintillating fiber specifications

Nominal length
Product dose length
Dose rate
Time resolution
Energy dependency
Reference beam
variable from O.5 cM to 100 cm
Ø 0.25 MM, 0.5 mm OR 1 MM
0.2 MGY.CM - 360 KGY.CM
1ΜGY/S - 250 MGY/S
1 ms
<1% with automatic compensation at 70 - 150 kV
(beam quality RQT, RQR, RQA and N)
RQT9 - 120 kV, HVL 8.4 mm AI

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Fibermetrix products

Discover how the turnkey IVIScan® solution enables you to improve your X-ray risk management at every stage of an examination, and meet your regulatory obligations while integrating into your clinical routine.

Designed in a glittering material, REACT™ rulers revolutionize the X-ray field size measurement essential during regulatory quality checks and/or X-ray equipment acceptance.