Innovative real-time dose monitoring solutions


Engineering of real-time dose monitoring

Fibermetrix propose innovative solutions for real-time radiations dose monitoring within the medical and industrial fields. Its sensors, providing automatic feedback of patient or occupationnal dose to increase radiation awareness, are based on optical fiber patented technology*. Thanks to its skills in radiation detection, dosimetry and in innovative sensors manufacturing, Fibermetrix's staff develops full integrated or handheld sensors with variable geometry providing punctual or multichannel acquisition and remote measuring. Our engineers are at your service to meet your needs !

* high temporal resolution (ms), high sensitivity (compactness), low density (no image artifact), large energy range, all ionizing radiations.

Fibermetrix presents "IVIscan" @ECR2018 Vienna, the first worldwide real-time patient dosimeter

Fibermetrix presents its new sensor at the European Congress of Radiology, Austria Center, Vienna, March 1 - 4. Come see us in our booth Hall X5, Entrance Level, #515, and follow Fibermetrix's news on Twitter  and Facebook !

IVIscan, the first worldwide real-time patient dosimeter in Computed Tomography

With no image artifact, IVIscan provides automatic in-vivo measurement of patient dose during a Computed Tomography (CT) exam : check real patient dose, be aware of any failure equipment, visualize the two major dose indexes (DLP and CTDI) for each patient, achieve quality controls without further material. Please contact us to get IVIscan detailed features.

Any question about IVIscan ?

Find some technical informations at the EuroSafe Imaging electronic poster exhibition available in the EPOS Arena on the first floor.


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