Manage the risks associated with
ionizing radiation

Our core business is to provide you with reliable and relevant dosimetric information exactly when you need it.

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Generate reliable data

Because having access to estimated or calculated doses is not sufficient to manage the risks
The reliability and relevance of the doses supplied by our solutions are based on a patented measurement technology and a smart interface for the remote monitoring of measured doses and radiation emitting devices.

Prevent accidents and their recurrence

Because having information after the event or that is incomplete is not sufficient to prevent accidents
Our solutions enable ultra-rapid dose measurements (ms) and live view of exposure graphs and radiation safety indicators.

Continuously control the doses delivered

Because occasional measurements are not sufficient to identify all risks
Secure and fully integrated into your environment, our solutions are designed to operate continuously and autonomously. Genuine sentinels, they constantly monitor exposure, even in the assumed absence of any risk.

Constantly optimize practices

Because having reliable information is not sufficient to be able to interpret it correctly
Our remote monitoring interface is smart. It compares the dose received with the doses corresponding to your usual practices during the exposure itself, displays smart data and generates personalized reports. Our interface is the ideal teaching tool for your training sessions and for protocol optimization.

Be part of the digital and technological revolution in the field of dosimetry

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