Our solutions

 Managing risks associated with ionizing radiation can be complex and time-consuming. Based on an optimal combination of innovative technology, big data analysis and nuclear physics expertise, our solutions are designed to be autonomous, integrated, connected and smart.

IVIscan®, a turnkey solution dedicated to CT scanning

Combining cutting-edge technology and an intelligent interface, the IVIscan® solution is easy to use, and will become an integral part of teams’ day-to-day work, both to comply with regulations and to enhance patient safety.

Fibermetrix products

Our IVInomad™ and IVIcbct™ solutions offer the advantage of a scintillating probe with a customizable design to suit your needs for one-off or routine clinical dosimetry studies.

Designed in a glittering material, REACT™ rulers revolutionize the X-ray field size measurement essential during regulatory quality checks and/or X-ray equipment acceptance.