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Managing risks associated with ionizing radiation can be complex and time-consuming. Based on an optimal combination of innovative technology, big data analysis and nuclear physics expertise, our solutions are designed to be autonomous, integrated, connected and smart.

IVI solutions

The IVI technology based on scintillating fiber and associated to powerful and intelligent software solutions is the only one capable of measuring accurately in a portable size.

Discover the many advantages of our technology and its modular solutions according to your needs.

Declination of the scintillating fiber technology

Our IVInomad and IVIcbct solutions are composed of a customizable scintillating fiber to meet your dosimetric studies or daily clinical routine needs.



Designed for different medical imaging equipment, even for the latest generation, IVInomad is adapted to interventional radiology and CT scanner. The dosimeter is available with a wide range of size of detectors. Thus you can easily choose the most adapted detector, obtain up to instantaneous 2 measurements and visualize in real-time the dose profile.

  • Our technology enables accurate measurements and close to the studied area. Perfect to measure the doses at the eye lens
  • Automatic correction for radiodiagnostic measurements
  • Geometric flexibility of the scintillating fiber : diameter from 0.25mm to 1mm et nominal length from 0.5cm to 100cm
  • Robust material and design, easy-to-use on several equipments


Drawing on our expertise in the field of dosimetry based on scintillating fibers, we present a simple solution to measure the doses of CBCT in radiotherapy.

  • Without any interference with the treatment beam
  • Monitoring of CTDIw with an unique measurement and compatible with wide beam
  • Usable on daily clinical basis for each patient
  • Invisible during QA
  • Customizable solution : several scintillating fibers on different installations with one dosimeter

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IVIscan, a turnkey solution dedicated to CT scanners

An alliance between an ultra-sensitive and connected state-of-the-art technology and an intelligent interface for remote monitoring of delivered doses and the scanner: the IVIscan® solution is perfectly integrated into the clinical routine and requires no action from your teams.

Learn how the IVIscan® solution allows you to improve your X-ray risk management at every stage of an examination and meet your regulatory obligations.

IVIyou interface


  • A dosimeter based on scintillating fiber able to measure the doses delivered with unrivaled accuracy
  • IVIscan solution works by itself! It is fully autonomous and connected, you do not have to worry about it
  • Discreet, the fiber is "invisible" for the patient and the diagnosis
  • A sentinel is installed on your CT scanner and continuously monitors the radiation emitted, during patient examinations, quality controls, maintenance operations and even during tube preheating.

IVIyou interface

Measuring doses and more!

IVIyou is a secure smart interface available on your intraweb to provide with useful information.

  • Being in compliance with the French regulation regarding Quality Assurance
  • Viewing in real-time your patients’ doses during acquisitions with dosimetric alerts
  • Creating DRL studies in a few clics
  • Simplifying Quality Controls icluding for wide beam CT scanner.


Drawing on more than 10 years’ experience in the field of medical physics, our experts are at your disposal to help you analyze your data and advise you on the management of your patients’ X-ray risks during CT scans.

The data supplied by the IVIscan solution are very precise; our experts can explain you how to use it.

For example, given the most recent technological advances in the field of CT scan, in particular, it is not always easy to understand how your CT scan works. Use IVIscan to effectively verify the correct operation of the dose reduction options proposed by your scanner.

Make a x-ray risk evaluation with our medical physics experts.

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