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Managing risks associated with ionising radiation can be complex and time-consuming. Based on an optimal combination of cutting-edge technology, big data analysis and nuclear physics expertise, our solutions are designed to be autonomous, integrated, connected and smart.

Radiation exposure is something that concerns us all!

The management of ionising radiation exposure risks for patients and staff requires the implementation of a risk management quality system. In the medical environment, requirements to control the doses received by staff and patients are intensifying to keep pace with technological advances: at present, medical diagnostic procedures are still the biggest source of artificial radiation exposure among the French population.


of annual radiation exposure in the general population is due to medical diagnostic procedures


of French people undergo at least one diagnostic procedure each year


of the effective collective diagnostic imaging dose is due to CT scans

IVIscan, solution for medical CT scans

In the field of radiodiagnostic procedures, CT scans are the main source of patient exposure. That is why our first IVIscan solution is dedicated to dosimetry in CT scan patients. A genuine breakthrough in terms of existing products, lVlscan is the only solution of its type in the world to safeguard your patients at all times. It is a shining example of our expertise. Discover it now!

IVIyou interface


Our technology is sufficiently rapid (ms) to visualise the dose received by your patients in real time during acquisition.

A dosimetric sentry system is discreetly installed on your CT scanner and continuously monitors the radiation emitted by the scanner, during patient examinations, quality controls, maintenance operations and even during preheating of the tube. Our dosimetric sentry system never sleeps and is fully autonomous; the results are instantly available on IVIyou!

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IVIyou interface

IVIyou is a secure smart interface available on your intraweb to view your patients’ doses during acquisitions and analyse them afterwards.

IVIyou provides you with useful information, such as a comparison of measured doses with those displayed by your scanner (CTDIvol and DLP) and comparison between the dose received by a patient and those usually delivered for this examination. All the data are stored and can be exported.

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Drawing on more than 10 years’ experience in the field of medical physics, our experts are at your disposal to help you analyse your data and advise you on the management of your patients’ X-ray risks during CT scans.

The data supplied by the IVIscan solution are very precise; our experts can help you understand how to use your new data.

For example, given the most recent technological advances in the field of CT scans, in particular, it is not always easy to understand how your scanner works. Learn how to use IVIscan to effectively verify the correct operation of the dose reduction options proposed by your scanner.

You are seeking an expert assessment of a risky situation? Our medical physics experts can help!

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